Egypt visa from Dubai

Egypt visa from Dubai

Egypt visa from Dubai How to Get an Egyptian Visa […]

Egypt visa from Dubai

How to Get an Egyptian Visa in Dubai: 10 Steps to Success

to Get Egypt Visa from Dubai, you will need original passport, valid UAE residence and photo graph. Pay online and get your visa

What is an Egyptian Visa

An Egyptian Visa is an official visa issued by the Egyptian Embassy in UAE. A regular UAE passport is not sufficient to get a visa. If you want to visit Egypt, you will need to get an official visa issued by the Egyptian Embassy in Dubai. However, sometimes an individual can visit Egypt using a tourist visa. This is because this is not considered an official Egyptian visa. Get an Egyptian visa from Dubai How to get an Egyptian visa from UAE Embassy Travellers can get an Egyptian visa from Dubai embassy as they are granted visa on arrival. An Egyptian visa can also be obtained online by paying extra at the embassy. An exception to this is if you are coming to Dubai for a job interview at an Egyptian company in Dubai, you can get a visa with no extra fee at the Embassy. Egypt Visa

Getting an Egyptian Visa in Dubai

Not only Egypt, but other countries’ citizens who want to get a visa to UAE are also required to follow the immigration process in Dubai. Whether you are a foreign-tourist, an airline employee or a resident of the country, you will have to have UAE residency certificate and international passports with an attached valid passport photo. 2. Organization of Final Visa Applications in Dubai To get a visa in Dubai, one will have to select the visa form from the homepage of In order to process the visa in Dubai you have to provide your passport details, copy of ID card and photo. You also have to provide your phone number and bank account details. As soon as you submit your details and submit visa processing, your visa will be approved in one or two business days. 3. Egypt Visa

Requirements for an Egyptian Visa

Valid stay for at least three months in UAE Proof of health insurance (medical certificate, medical report, health insurance insurance, medical report) Proof of support (If need, can send photocopy of bank statement, text message from partner). Contact Information: Egypt Visa

The 10 Steps to Success

If you will want to secure your passport and passport photo in Dubai, you have to follow these steps. 1. Purchase your visa in advance. There is a charge to obtain passport at Dubai Police. Pay online and go to the counter 2. Once you obtain the visa, take a photo. The passport should be dark and clean. The photo has to be full of colors. The passport should be clean and elegant. 3. Check the passport photo against the photo you took at Dubai airport. There are chances that your photos will not match each other. 4. Passport and photo are valid for one year. The visa can be obtained without taking a photo. 5. Passport must be presented at the Airport in the passport 6. If you are planning to enter into Egypt in your country of destination, you will need your visa. 7.


Congratulations, you have finally got your visa to Egypt. Now it is time to come to the oasis city in Egypt, Cairo, Luxor and more. To make your travel easy call +971544888343 or visit award winning travel company in Dubai Egypt Visa

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